Beach holidays

Tanzania has 800 km of Indian ocean coastline as well as the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia. The warm waters and pristine white sandy beaches are popular with visitors.

Zanzibar is the most popular destination with many hotels and resorts throughout the island.  These offer many activities including snorkelling and diving around the coral reefs. There are several world renowned dive sites at Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia. Zanzibar is also known for it’s spice production particularly cloves and ‘spice tours’ are available.

Jozani forest in the centre of Zanzibar has it’s own unique wildlife including the red colobus monkey.

Those seeking a vibrant night life should head to Nungwi in the north, whilst those preferring more peace and quiet should head to the east coast. Fresh seafood is available year round at any location.

Pemba is less visited than Zanzibar and has fewer options of accommodation. It does however have several renowned dive sites.

Mafia island is a small island which attracts visitors because of the marine life around it’s shores and the diving is excellent. Apart from a couple of tourist lodges however there is little infrastructure on the island. It is accessible  from Dar Es Salaam.

The Indian ocean coastline has in recent years started to be developed and there are several good locations which offer excellent accommodation and unspoilt beaches. The historic town of Bagamoyo is easily reached from Dar Es Salaam and further north the town of Pangani is best reached from Tanga, both have tourist lodges and wide expanses of palm fringed, white sandy beaches.

These places best suit those seeking peace and quiet away from the more crowded destinations.

Sadaani National Park is situated between Bagamoyo and Pangani. It is unique among parks as it meets the Indian ocean and is a great place to combine a wildlife safari with beach holiday. Accommodation is available on the beach inside the park.