Mount Kilimanjaro

The iconic snow capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro continue to inspire visitors worldwide, who take up the challenge to reach it’s summit. It is the highest mountain on the African continent, standing at 5896 metres and although it’s relatively gently sloping sides require no prior mountaineering skills it is nonetheless a challenging climb which should be treated with respect.

There are numerous routes to the summit and these should be discussed prior to booking. There are strict rules and regulations regarding guides and porters which are in place for the safety of both the staff and visitors.

Due to the height of the mountain the risk of developing altitude sickness is a reality and can affect anybody regardless of fitness or age. It is imperative health advice is followed even if it means you do not reach the summit. Despite these warnings thousands each year enjoy the thrill of standing on Uhuru peak, a personal challenge achieved.

Other mountains and trekking

There are other mountains in Tanzania which are worthy of mention. Mount Meru which rises above the town of Arusha is 4566 metres high, second only to Kilimanjaro. It can be climbed in 3/4days.

Oldoinyo Lengai is an active volcano situated near Lake Natron in the rift valley. It is the sacred mountain to the Maasai tribe. It is not an easy or comfortable but the stunning landscape of the region and the relatively low cost make it an interesting option.

Mt Hanang, Monduli and crater highlands also offer trekking tours.