Travel tips and information

Tanzania is the largest of the countries of east Africa and has borders with seven other countries and has numerous entry points. The capital city is Dodoma located in the central region but the economic hub is in Dar Es Salaam. The official language is Kiswahili but English is widely spoken. The currency is the Tanzanian shilling, though the American dollar is used for the payment of park fees etc and is widely accepted.

Visa requirements

A valid visa is essential to visit Tanzania, this is best obtained from your country of origin prior to travelling although they can be obtained at ports of entry and borders.

International Flights

International flights land at three main airports, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.. Other travellers choose to fly to Nairobi and take the tourists shuttles  from Nairobi to Arusha which takes about 5 hours, crossing the border between Kenya and Tanzania at Namamga.

Internal flights can easily connect you to Zanzibar.


There are a number of vaccinations which are recommended prior to travel, however it is best to check with your own medical practitioner and follow their advice. Anti malarial tablets are also recommended, these should be taken for a period before , during and after your stay.

Foreign Exchange

Most of the larger towns and cities have an abundance of banks and forex for currency exchange as well as ATMs which dispense local currency. Please use these facilities rather than changing money on the streets.


Tanzania is a peaceful country, but like any crowded towns or cities thieves do operate so be aware of your personal properties, wallets, cameras etc. Be especially careful at crowded bus terminals and ferries.


The climate of Tanzania is tropical, though it can vary by region. In the coastal regions it is hot and humid, whereas in the north it is hot by day and cooler at night. It is therefore advisable to bring layers of clothing ranging from light cotton to a warm fleece.


When travelling around please respect the culture of local people. Tanzania is a conservative country of approximately fifty percent Christian and fifty percent Muslim so wearing scant clothing can be offensive. In tourist locations, beaches and on safari this is acceptable.